10 Ways to Decorate for Less, Featured Product of the Month, & The 14 Greatest Bathroom Quotes of All Time-It’s the Weekly Round Up!

Improving the aesthetics of a bathroom can easily lead homeowners into a road block. Most likely, you’re not a bathroom expert or an experienced designer, however, with the right knowledge and information you can create a stunning layout yourself. There are many different styles of design including modern, transitional, vintage, and country. Each has the ability to create a unique sense of home.

When approaching a new project, it’s important to remember that the small details can be just as important as large fixtures. Use small items, decor, and accents to complement your home bathroom! The following selection of articles will help you craft a timeless design that is unique and personal! Let’s get started by having a look at our Featured Product of the Month!

Featured Product of the Month: The 61 Inch Hudson Double Bathroom Vanity

Sleek, bold, and stylish, the 61 Hudson Double Bathroom Vanity has a distinguished appearance that is sure to please. Manufactured out of high-quality materials, the Hudson features a breath-taking marble countertop that will bring out the best in your home! Double bathroom vanities allow spouses to prepare themselves in the morning without having to trade places during their morning dance. This vanity has a modern influence that will keep your home up to date with a new cutting edge design! Read the full details of the Hudson Double Bathroom Vanity by clicking on the above link.


The 14 Greatest Bathroom Quotes of All Time

As part of our two part installment, we found the 14 Greatest Bathroom quotes that you will want to share with friends. Ranging from comical to inspirational, there is sure to be a quote that hits close to home for you. Notable quotes include statements from Lyndon B. Johnson, Alicia Keys, and Woody Allen! Be sure to check out both Part 1 and Part 2 of The Greatest Bathroom Quotes of All Time!

10 Ways to Decorate for Less

If you’ve ever tried decorating on a budget, you know that shopping for your dream bathroom makeover can become very disappointing. Seeing so many things that you like but being unable to add them to your shopping cart can be hard to take. Contrary to popular belief, crafting an appealing bathroom doesn’t have to force you to dip into your savings account. A few simple updates, accents, and decorative items could be just what your master bathroom needed to set complete your design! Learn how to decorate for less by clicking on the link to this subsection!

Use every drop of paint!

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