2 Quick Bathroom Fixes You Can Do This Weekend

Believe it or not, bathroom fixes are important. You might be wondering “How can a room that is only used a few hours a day be so important?” The answer is relatively simple. Bathrooms are a place of relaxation. It’s the only place in a busy household where a person can find some peace of mind. Bathrooms can be a sanctuary for the over-worked, who simply need some time to relieve the heavy burden of life’s hardships. It’s an escape, in addition to its more obvious hygienic and septic functions. But because it is indeed all of those things, it’s important that we take good care of our bathrooms. They should not only feel safe and comfortable, but they should also work very smoothly and efficiently. This is why a little maintenance, once in a while, can be so vital to the well-being of your bathroom – and by extension, your own peace of mind.


Is your bathroom in need of a little love? (Photo credit: Chalet Les Cîmes)

Have you ever gotten up to take your morning shower and discovered that the water pressure was significantly lower than before? Does that annoying exhaust fan in your bathroom make you cringe every time you flip the switch? If you said yes to either of those questions, then it’s time for you to make the change. All of these problems can be fixed, over the course of a weekend, at a relatively fair price.

1. Replacing your old shower head.

English: CG shower head produced in Cobalt

Is it time for a shower head upgrade? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first step is to determine what sort of improvements you want to make. Making the switch from a boring, inefficient shower head can be as simple as singing the alphabet. It’s also cheap and economically friendly.

There’s a method to creating a powerful, money saving, shower head that most people aren’t aware of. This method is known as the Venturi effect. Basically this method reduces the flow of water, combines it with a vortex of air, and propels it through a narrow chamber. The result is a high pressure shower head. Not only does this method save money on the monthly water bill, but it also saves a precious resource that the whole world needs.

These shower heads can be found on a website called Oxygenics and the price ranges from $21.99 and higher. Finding the right one, with an affordable price really isn’t all that difficult. They have a wide selection with excellent prices that are sure to cut back your next water bill. All you need to install these wonderful devices is a wrench. Most of the other things will be in the shower head package. Installation itself typically takes thirty minutes or less.

2. Changing those pesky exhaust fans.

Nobody likes groggily flipping the exhaust fan switch in the morning, especially if your fan is obnoxiously loud. It can be the factor that sets a bad tone for the rest of the day. If you start questioning the purpose of that irksome machine protruding from your ceiling, then it is probably about time to get a new one.

CFM-56 KC135/E-6

Does your fan sound suspiciously like a jet engine? Might be time for an upgrade. (Photo credit: wbaiv)

Exhaust fans do have a legitimate purpose. They were created to prevent the excess moisture in your bathroom from causing mildew and mold. They are also supposed to keep your mirrors from fogging up every time you shower, and they keep those unbearably stale odors from rearing their ugly heads in your personal bathroom space.

Many types of exhaust fans can be purchased. Many of them come with lights or have heaters built into them. Others are so quiet you wouldn’t even know they were there. Choosing the right one for your bathroom is based on the size of your bathroom and the CFM (cubic feet per minute) your fan functions at. The amount of CFM your fan needs to move at can be calculated by multiplying your bathroom’s square footage by 1.1. This indicates the perfect fan for your bathroom. Another helpful tip, that would make installation easier, is to find one similar in size to the old one. Finding the one for you depends on where you look and what you can afford. Prices can range from $30 up to $900.


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