The 7 Funniest Bathroom Pranks on the Internet

The bathroom is a personal sanctuary for many people, a place to unwind and freshen up. The last thing that you expect to be greeted by is a Bengal tiger or even a Ghost! This hysterical list of pranks includes a sneaky wife’s revenge on her husband, a humorous ladies room mystery, and a baffling Port-a-Potty trick. Brace yourself for the 7 Funniest Bathroom Videos on Youtube!

1. Tiger in Public Restroom

What happens when you send a full-grown Bengal tiger into a public restroom? You’ll have to watch this video to see just how far these unsuspecting individuals go to evade this 500 pound animal! Don’t worry, none of the participants in this video were harmed!

2. Walk into A Port-a-Potty, Walk out into an Office Room

This elaborate prank fools everyone! When individuals walk into a port-a-potty, pranksters move a make-shift business room into play. See how awkward their reactions are when they suddenly walk into a meeting filled with angry business associates!

3. Wife Plays Painful Prank on Husband

This husband is in for a rude awakening when he steps out of the shower. He emerges from a relaxing trip to the shower without a clue of what is going on. His wife’s stunt was able to knock the air out of this poor fellow. Just watch in slow-motion at the point of impact. Ouch! That one’s going to hurt!

4. Ladies Restroom Mirror Prank: “I can’t see myself!”

How do you make people wonder if they have passed on to the next life and just aren’t aware of it? Replace the mirror in a bathroom with a window pane. Next, place identical twins in identical rooms opposite from each other. Finally, sit back and enjoy the reactions of people who peer into the mirror but just can’t seem to find their reflection!

5. Alone in the Restroom with a Mannequin

What happens when you leave people alone in the restroom with a Mannequin? Well, we’d rather not explain this one to you. Have a look for yourself! These folks are caught red handed!

6. Ghost in Thailand!

A few buddies got together and decided to stage a horrific prank on anybody who happened to enter this restroom. Armed with a suitcase, remote control car, a wig, and a couple other props, these guys scared the living ghost out of these terrified individuals!

7. Men’s Restroom vs. Women’s Restroom

A gentleman who is in on the joke, stands outside of this restroom. One side is labeled for men and the other for women. The problem is, the signs are adjustable and they set the stage for some shocking discoveries! Take a look at the reactions of these guys who can’t seem to figure out why every time they walk in the restroom, they find a group of screaming ladies inside! Best of all is their reaction when they are finally let in on the joke! Whew!

Do you have any funny bathroom videos that you have filmed yourself? Let us know and send us a copy. We would love to include it in this list! Thanks!

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