How NOT to Break Your Arm in the Bathroom (The Liriano ‘Oopsy’)

Talk about a balk play!

Snapping your humerus bone in the bathroom is not the most common (nor the funniest) injury I have heard of, or the second. Actually, I don’t know anyone who has done that, besides the Pirates lefty pitcher, Francisco Liriano. But bathrooms CAN be dangerous. So I thought now would be an excellent time to talk about bathroom safety, and discuss all the ways Liriano could have possibly broken his non-dominant arm in a “bathroom fall” and how to prevent it happening to you too!

Francisco Liriano

Francisco Liriano not falling in the bathroom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SO… How Could Francisco Liriano Have Broken His Arm In The Bathroom?


… And… how could it have been prevented?

    1. PRACTICING THE SLIDE: Don’t practice sliding into home in the bathroom. The flooring in bathrooms can be extremely slippery. One of the best solutions is a simple non-slip mat or textured rug. It is a cheap and simple fix that could save you 12 million dollar contract.
    2. GOING FOR THE GRAND SLAM: It’s all fun and games until you fall onto the corner of your bathroom sink. Those angels can be like spears if hit at the right angle. Even if you are not a starting pitcher in the MLB, rubber corner protectors can be a great investment. Especially if you have kids.
My cat, Bonkers (a Norwegian Forest cat) layin...

Don’t let this cat fool you. Sinks will mess you up. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    1. THE NIGHT GAME: Playing at night can be difficult. Especially in bathrooms where space is usually small and poorly lit. Try adding some extra light fixtures to your vanity. Not only will extra lighting prevent unwanted humerus breaks, but it also makes one of the smallest rooms in the house feel bigger!
Jester On High

I’ve broken my arm and can’t get up….(Photo credit: Theen)

  1. THE WALL CLIMB: Don’t risk the climb.With all the clutter in the bathroom, it can be tempting to place things higher and higher on the walls or in cabinets. Try to keep things within reach. If you find this difficult, look into re-organizing your bathroom or maybe throwing some stuff out.

    Bathroom cat

    We can’t show the ‘after’ image due to graphic content. (Photo credit: Mrono)

All jokes aside, the bathroom can be a pretty dangerous place. I am sure Francisco has a completely logical story for how he busted his arm and why it took him a month to accuse the infamous “bathroom” as the assailant but I just thought it would be a funny way to bring some attention to real issues.  It only takes a split second to lose your footing and risk losing a 12.75 million dollar contract. No one wants that.

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