Installing a New Bathroom Vanity

Installing a New Bathroom Vanity – What do you get out of it?

First of all, style. Bathroom vanities have some of the most cutting edge styles available in bathroom remodeling. But they also have some of the most traditional looks. A bathroom vanity set can turn your bathroom into a Tuscan resort. A different bathroom vanity can turn your bathroom into a state of the art modern bathroom facility. And of course, most bathroom vanities fall in line somewhere between these two extremes. That means there’s a perfect bathroom vanity for your bathroom.

Secondly, bang for your buck. Bathroom vanities do not weigh as heavy on your wallet as do other types of bathroom installations. The reason is that there is less labor involved in the installation of a bathroom vanity. It is also quicker and easier to install a bathroom vanity than to affix a bathroom set to the wall.

Added value to your home is another common reason for bathroom vanity installation. People judge a home based on the way it looks and feels. A quality bathroom vanity makes the bathroom more appealing and makes the overall ambiance of a home greater. It also improves the bathroom ambiance.

Bathroom vanities are easy to install. In one afternoon a bathroom vanity can be installed with standard tools by a mid-level do-it-yourselfer.

Easier installation means easier replacement. Ten or fifteen years down the road, when you are considering replacing your bathroom vanity it will be easier to install a new one. A bathroom vanity is anchored to the wall through the plumbing, but not cemented to the wall making them easily replaceable and updateable.

Bathroom vanities are modular. That means, if the sink basin chips, you can simply replace the sink basin, not the entire vanity. If the faucet breaks, you can replace only the faucet. Why would you want to install a bathroom set that required you to replace the faucet and cabinet if the sink chipped?

There are a wide variety of bathroom vanity styles. Whether you are installing a quaint single sink bathroom vanity for a small corner bathroom in an apartment or a large double sink bathroom vanity for a spacious luxury home bathroom you will find a bathroom vanity of the perfect size.

Increased utility is another common bathroom vanity benefit. If a greater need arises, for instance if you used to need one sink, but now you need two sinks, a two sink vanity can be easily installed with the installation of extra plumbing.