Bathroom Trends: Kelly Hoppen Designs by Apaiser

August 28th, 2015

Recently featured on KBBonline, Apaiser has introduced a new line of stone composite bathware designed by Kelly Hoppen. The new collection features 3 lines of bathtubs and basins. The Harmony line features an oval and round bath, as well as countertop basin. The Bande line features a bathtub, freestanding basin, and countertop basin. The Origami line features an oval bathtub, countertop basin, and freestanding basin too.

Kelly Hoppen is renowned for their elegant designs and these are no different. The Harmony bathtubs and basin have an organic design that resembles the petals of a lotus flower. The soft overlapping curves create an intriguing and visually soothing aesthetic, reminiscent of a leaf floating on the surface of a pond. The Bande bathtub and water basins were inspired by the Obi, a sash that wraps around the waist in traditional Japanese dress. The clean lines and minimalist design is perfect for a modern bathroom. The inspiration of the Origami bathtub and basins comes from the traditional artform of paper folding from which the name is derived. The most distinct of the 3, the precise lines and textured surface create an eye-catching and luxurious aesthetic.

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kelly hoppen apaiser bathroom bathtub sink basin free standing collection line design modern minimal vessel Japanese traditional

kelly hoppen apaiser bathroom bathtub sink basin free standing collection line design modern minimal vessel Japanese traditional

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Bathroom Trends: Showerhead Features & Design

August 24th, 2015

With more bathrooms embracing a minimalist aesthetic, the bathroom showerhead has grown in importance as a design element. In minimal or modern design, it can be used as a focal point or serve as the centerpiece of a bathroom design. These changes in the industry are reflected through the choices of consumers who are placing more importance on unique and creative design for their bathroom showers. Consumers look for shower fixtures that stand out from the rest and can deliver a personal showering experience.

One of the most popular features for modern showers is the drench effect, which delivers a spa-like experience. After that, showerheads between 200mm and 300mm in size sell very well because they are just the right size for modern bathrooms. Showers with a slim profile are also very popular with consumers. Saving the Earth has grown in importance, therefore water efficient showerheads have grown in importance as well. The growing awareness in chromatherapy has led to showers that incorporate LED lighting. For people who are disabled or elderly, they like the option of a hand-held shower attachment.

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Designer Tips: Masculine Bathroom Design

August 19th, 2015

What is Masculine Bathroom Design?

Masculine bathroom design has become a popular style choice amongst interior designers. It is a style that incorporates dark moody tones, rugged woods, industrial metal accents, textured stone, and aged materials. It embraces modern design aesthetics as well as industrial and rustic, or natural, design. Masculine design tends to embrace clean lines and sharp corners, with large flat surfaces, just as in modern design. It can also embrace the combination of stone and wood, which is reminiscent of rustic style bathrooms. Metal piping and fixtures that are popular in industrial design also work great in a masculine design bathroom.

Elements of Masculine Design

Masculine bathroom designed is influenced by rustic, industrial, and modern bathroom design. For men, the bathroom is a place that serves a purpose, and masculine bathrooms embrace this notion by prioritizing function over form. This can create bathrooms that look very simple, but serve their purpose extremely well.

masculine bathroom rustic industrial design style interior home remodel ideas bath tub shower open shelf vanity wood dark

masculine bathroom design grey gray floating vanity modern design style sleek clean frosted glass shower enclosed mirror mens male

1. Dark Moody Color Tones

One of the first things you will notice about masculine bathrooms is the heavy use of dark colors. Black is a color that is associated with masculine qualities such as seriousness, authority, and power, therefore black is the favored color choice. White can be used, but in conjunction with black to create a sharp contrast, creating a clean and modern look. After black, grey is the most popular color because it is a formal color associated with wisdom and sophistication. Dark tones of blue, green or red can also be incorporated into a masculine bathroom design. Black bathroom vanities make a particularly strong and impressive statement in the modern man’s bathroom.

masculine male mens bathroom home design style decorate ideas interior dark black color

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Bathroom Trends: The Nebia Shower Head

August 14th, 2015

Everyone is talking about the Nebia shower head backed by Apple CEO Tim Cook on Kickstarter. The Nebia shower head is a futuristic looking bathroom product that promises to save 70% on water consumption. It does this by atomizing water particles into millions of water droplets that can cover 10 times the surface area of a conventional shower head.

The shower head features a futuristic design that is very clean and minimal, perfectly suited for a modern bathroom. The design also allows anyone to install it, perfect for all the DIY’ers out there.

nebia shower head bathroom product trends trending tim cook apple kickstarter future tech gadget device smart home

Potential problems of the design may include the need to adjust the height of the shower head. I assume for maximum effect, the user must be directly under the shower head at a certain distance. Each time someone new enters the shower, it will need to be adjusted. I would like to see future models adjust automatically to a user’s height either through memory or sensors in the shower.

nebia shower head side view spray bathroom modern trends trending tim cook apple kickstarter gadget tech device smart home futuristic

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10 Easy Tips For Saving Water in the Bathroom

August 12th, 2015

Saving water is easy, and learning how to save water is even easier with all the resources available online. If you are eager to start conserving, either for the sake of the environment or your monthly water bill, the bathroom is a great place to start making water conscious decisions. The only hard part is applying yourself daily to make better choices for water conservation in the bathroom. These choices can eventually have a long term impact on our natural water supply. California is already enduring a historical drought and residents are doing everything they can to encourage conservation. Take the lessons they have learned and apply them to your daily bathroom routine. These useful bathroom tips for water conservation will help lower that monthly water bill.

1. Save Water While Bathing

When taking a bath, fill the tub only halfway to avoid water spilling over. Also, don’t wait for the water to get hot before plugging the drain. Plug the drain first and adjust the temperature as the tub fills. This can save lots of water in the long run. If it takes too long for the water to heat up in the morning, consider saving the cold water by catching it with a bucket and using it in the garden or watering household plants.

bath tub water saving conservation tips how to save efficient antique

Image via Wikimedia Commons

2. Install WaterSense Shower Heads

Showerheads that are labeled as WaterSense are more water efficient than the average shower head. Keep an eye out for these types when shopping for a new shower head.

watersense shower head bathroom water saving tips how to conservation efficient

Image via Flickr

3. Install a Steam Shower

Steam showers use the power of steam to keep clean but they are also very water efficient. They use less water than a traditional shower and are very relaxing to use.

marcus premium steam shower water conservation saving efficient how to tips modern bathroom design

Marcus Premium Steam Shower

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6 Sleek Gadgets for Modern Bathrooms

August 7th, 2015

With the level of innovation in technology, it is not surprising to see that bathroom tech has grown by leaps and bounds in just a few years. New bathroom technology allows homeowners to turn their bathrooms into an area of uber convenience and luxury. Bathroom gadgets take time consuming tasks and automate them so that you can focus on more important things, such as which brand of soap to use. For owners of a modern design influenced bathroom, these gadgets blend very well in a clean and minimalist bathroom.

Smartphone Controlled Shower & Bath

Everything syncs up with your phone. So why not your shower? The Crosswater Digital Duo syncs up with your smartphone, allowing the user to control their shower settings from within their own home. Imagine waking up in the morning and reaching for your phone to get the shower ready. With an internal memory, the controls remember individual preferences such as temperature and bathtub level.

crosswater digital duo smart phone shower control remote device gadget bathroom modern design style sleek minimalist iphone android app

Crosswater Digital Duo

Medicine Cabinet with TV in Mirror

For people who want to stay connected on the latest news and information, but spend way too much time in the bathroom, this product provides a simple solution. The M Series with TVID bathroom cabinet features a TV in the lower corner of the mirror. Perfect for catching up on the latest headlines and sports scores as you get ready for the day.

tvid bathroom cabinet tv television mirror bathroom modern design smart gadget device style elegant

M Series Bathroom Cabinet

Lena Modern Whirlpool Bathtub

The elegant and eye catching design of the Leno Modern Whirlpool Bathtub is a testament to the modern aesthetic. The sharp lines and minimalist style create a clean look that is perfectly suited for a bathroom. It utilizes a digital LCD control panel to adjust the fifteen whirlpool jets, providing spa quality relaxation with the hydro-massage system. Chromatherapy lighting surrounds you with mood lighting to help you unwind.

leno modern whirlpool bathtub sleek elegant design style digital LCD hydro therapy massage water bathroom tub transparent glass minimalist

leno modern whirlpool bathtub sleek elegant design style digital LCD hydro therapy massage water bathroom tub transparent glass minimalist leno modern whirlpool bathtub sleek elegant design style digital LCD hydro therapy massage water bathroom tub transparent glass minimalist

Leno Modern Whirlpool Bathtub

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10 Best Modern Floating Vanities for Small Bathrooms

July 27th, 2015

For small bathroom design, modern floating vanities are the perfect solution for cramped spaces. Since they are mounted to the wall, they don’t take up precious floor space and are easier to clean around. Some feature space saving vessel sinks that open up storage space and single hole faucets that don’t require three hole installation. This maximizes their efficiency even more, allowing water flow and temperature to be controlled simultaneously. A small bathroom need not feel like a lost cause. Floating modern vanities will turn your small bathroom into a cozy and functional space. Check out our 10 best modern floating vanities for small bathrooms. All available in our store online.

Artemis Single Vessel Sink Vanity

Practical and highly functional design is the most attractive feature of this modern floating bathroom vanity. It can be mounted at the height level that is most convenient for you or members of your household. The Artemis Single Vessel Sink Vanity features an eye catching frosted glass vessel sink and platform for keeping bathroom products within reach. The chrome towel bar is a stylish and functional way to keep towels handy.

artemis single vessel sink vanity modern bathroom floating frosted glass chrome small tiny petite

Modus Wall Mounted Double Bathroom Vanity

Get all the convenience of a double bathroom vanity in a small bathroom with the Modus Wall Mounted Double Bathroom Vanity. It has attractive and space saving dual recessed vessel sinks. The brushed metal hardware and dark espresso finish of this vanity gives it a clean modern design. Part of the Premier Collection by JWH Living, it has been constructed using only the highest quality techniques and materials, an all around top quality vanity in quality and style.

modus double bathroom vanity small bathroom tiny petite modern design jwh living premier collection solid wood

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Reduce Clutter & Save Time by Organizing Your Bathroom Vanity

July 21st, 2015

Whether getting ready for work or preparing to go to sleep, the bathroom is a place where people don’t want to waste time. Organization plays a big role here and the bathroom vanity offers a lot of space for keeping everything easily accessible. Vanities can provide space for under sink storage or separate drawers and cabinets. You don’t need to spend a lot of money or time to get organized, just a little can go a long way. Even for couples that share a single vanity, there are easy ways to organize a vanity and save time in the bathroom.

Remove Unnecessary Items

We tend to use the bathroom vanity as storage space for the most random stuff that is never used. Not a good idea once it all starts piling up and suddenly finding a tooth brush becomes a never ending quest. Throw away or remove items that aren’t used regularly or don’t have any business in the bathroom. Keep only what is required for the daily bathroom routine.

Evaluate Your Options

Take everything out of the vanity, including the drawers and side cabinets. This will help you get an idea of the amount of space to work with and what type of organization options would be most appropriate. A plan of attack, if you will. A vanity that has a lot of vertical space would benefit from vertical storage options. If there are no drawers, it will be necessary to figure out a way to group items together.

Separate by Group and Priority

Of course it is a good idea to group similar items together but it’s also equally important to group items by priority. People have many types of hair or skin care products but they only have one or two that are used daily. Organize items together by group but also pay attention to what needs to be easily accessible. Perhaps it would be a good idea to have separate bins for morning and evening, grouping the most used items for each time of day.

organize vanity bathroom how to tips advice tricks beauty products nail polish

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10 Best Water Efficient Toilets and Showers

July 10th, 2015

Depending on where you live, water conservation can be an important part of daily life. High efficiency bathroom products such as dual flush toilets save water by using less water for flushing liquids versus solids. Steam showers also make a big difference because they use much less water than traditional showers. Combine both of them together and you have a very water efficient bathroom that will save a homeowner money on the monthly water bill. Here are 10 of our best dual flush toilets and steam showers for saving water.

Antila One Piece Dual Flush Toilet

antila one piece dual flush toilet bathroom modern contemporary water saving efficient conservation

The Antila One-Piece Dual Flush Toilet by Fresca features dual flush technology for water conservation and a stain resistant polish for quick and simple cleaning.

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Weekly Review of the Industry 6/22/2015

June 22nd, 2015

This week in the bathroom furniture industry, James Martin is issuing a price update for all vanities and will be put into effect on July 1st. James Martin specializes in Transitional and Antique vanities and are some of the most popular vanities we sell in the Transitional and Antique categories. The designs of these vanities are in the spirit of the catalogue companies, but at a fair price, allowing you to purchase a high-end look at a fraction of the cost. james Martin specializes and is most famous for their unique look of Driftwood, Natural, and Sable finish for their vanities.

Transitional vanities such as the Bellante Double Sink Vanity, and the Vicoli Single Bath Vanity, and Antique vanities such as the Monterey Single Sink Vanity, and the Marrakesh Double Sink Vanity are top sellers but will soon have a price update due to ever increasing shipping costs and port strikes. If you are on the fence about one of these beautiful vanities the time to buy should be soon unless you would like to pay a greater price for the vanity. James Martin has been a leading name in the bathroom furniture industry, as they should be, as they continually produce high quality vanities.