How to Make a Bathroom Vanity Taller

November 24th, 2014

Raising a bathroom vanity can accomplished in several ways. Whether you have back problems or would just like your basin to be a raised a few inches, it is possible for you to raise your vanity to a height that is more comfortable and easy to use.

A short bathroom vanity can lead to a hunched back and extreme discomfort for taller individuals. When people want to raise their vanity, it’s most commonly because their existing vanity is 30″-32″. This was common in older homes built prior to the post-war boom where parents shared a restrooms with their children in 2/1 bedroom & bath combinations.

How to Raise a Bathroom Vanity


  1. Standard Height Bathroom Vanity – 32″
  2. Comfort Height Bathroom Vanity – 36″ and up
  3. Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity Height – 30″

If you don’t have a bathroom vanity with adjustable legs, you can raise your bathroom cabinet by using one of these methods.
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Integrated Sink Bathroom Vanities Inspired by Design

November 21st, 2014

Bathroom vanities with integrated sinks have gained popularity with a distinct sense of appeal and unique design. Integrated sinks blend the wash basin with the countertop into a single one-piece top that is attached directly to the cabinet.

Many of these sinks offer curved and modular designs that blend with the facade of the cabinet with smooth lines that are only made possible with the molding of the basin. Integrated sinks are wonderful in the bathroom because they are easy to clean and offer a change to something new.

Integrated Sinks for Bathroom

Integrated sinks are different from undermount sinks in that the sink and the countertop are one piece. With an undermount sink, the basin is mounted (attached) beneath the countertop often giving it the appearance that it is part of the countertop.

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5 Dogs Using the Bathroom Bring a Whole New Meaning to Doggy Business

November 19th, 2014

Dogs just do the darndest things and these pups, will put a smile on your face or make you wonder if they’re really humans.

We’ve compiled a list of the funniest dogs doing just plain strange things in the bathroom. From dogs getting pampered in the wash basin to dogs that are a little too thirsty, you’ll be amazed at what some of these guys can do. Try training your dog to use the toilet like the one in #3. This one one talented dog!

1. The look of nonchalance. Looks like this isn’t his first rodeo.

Dachshund Taking a Bath in the Wash Basin
Source: Gian Franco Morini

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11 Facts About Medieval Hygiene that Will make You Thankful for the Modern Bathroom

November 19th, 2014

As modernists, we like to think of ourselves as civilized, efficient, and forward thinking. Looking at the way that people used to use the bathroom in times of past will reinforce this notion. To think that we were so apalled when we found out that toilet seat liners don’t work. These fun facts will make a port-a-potty first class.

This will address some of the claims that the modern bathroom is inefficient. Although it’s not perfect, let’s take a look at how far along the bathroom has come. Warning, you don’t want to read this before you eat or even use the bathroom.

Herstmonceux Medieval Festival

This is not what it was like in Medieval Times. (CC)

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Designing a Bathroom That’s Safe for Senior Citizens

November 13th, 2014

When you get older, simple things like getting in and out of the shower can become a struggle. Universal design becomes more and more important as we get older. Suddenly, you and you’re loved ones are forced to think about things that you probably took for granted at one point in your life. Designing a universal bathroom design that lends itself to easy accessibility and full functionality will improve your overall quality of life.

Greg Cantor from Murray Lampert Design brings up an important point; buying a home is a lifelong commitment. Sooner or later, you will have to make some changes to accommodate your aging body. 90% of senior citizens said they would stay in their homes if they could. Why not design a bathroom that you can use for the rest of your life? Today, we’re going to show you how to design a bathroom that is safe for seniors and those with disabilities.

Accessible Bathroom Design


Fact: 14% of bathroom injuries take place on the toilet.

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Pedestal Sink vs Vanity: 3 Things to Consider

November 12th, 2014

Making the decision between a pedestal sink and a traditional bathroom vanity has some large implications. This decision will completely shape the functional and visual experience of guests in your home. Pedestal sinks are ideal in powder rooms and half baths while small vanities are the option of choice when you need storage in a small space.

You can read this Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide for even more detailed information. It’s a very comprehensive guide put together by myself and it will take you through each step of the process. You can also flip through this slideshow if this helps you stay focused longer!

3 Things to Ask Yourself

  1. Do you need storage space? If you need storage, pedestal sinks will not work.
  2. Do you want a traditional or modern styling. Pedestal sinks have a simple and traditional feel but the don’t offer any decorative options.
  3. Will this be used in the primary or secondary bathroom? For the primary bathroom that’s used on a daily basis, vanities work better.

John posed this question on Young House Love a while ago. As you scroll through the pages of comments, you’ll realize this is a hotly debated item with staunch proponents for both styles.

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Why You Shouldn’t Put Carpet in the Bathroom

November 11th, 2014

Under most circumstances, carpet should not be used in the bathroom and there are several reasons for that. Carpet tiles and any other variations are included on the list of flooring materials that are not advised to be used in the bathroom but there are some solutions.

Although most remodelers would recommend that you do not put carpet in the bathroom, there are some ways that you can make it work if you just have to have it. I’ll include insight on why you shouldn’t put carpet in the bathroom, tips if you do choose to go that route, and provide some popular alternatives.

Red Carpet in the Bathroom

Anybody up for the Red Carpet Treatment? (CC)

“‘Carpet in the bathroom.’ Three words that fill Realtors’ hearts with terror. They know that wall-to-wall carpet in the bathroom is about as good for a house’s selling potential as being built over an Indian burial ground.”

-Home Renovations Expert Lee Wallender

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Celebrating World Toilet Day 2014

November 10th, 2014

World Toilet Day is celebrated each year on November 19th. World Toilet Day is an event that is celebrated worldwide to increase awareness of the billions of people who do not have access to proper sanitation. This creates hygienic issues as open defecation is the only option for many in various parts of the world.

“This is an urgent problem and we have to create awareness, (so) that the whole world will know about this problem and participate. Because once people hear about it, they’ll get angry and take action.”

-Jack Sim, Founder World Toilet Organization

Facts About Access to Sanitation Worldwide

  • 40% of the world’s population does not have access to toilets. That’s over 2.5 BILLION people!
  • 15% of the world’s population practices open defecation.
  • 1/3 of the world’s population has intestinal worm infections.
  • 3 people die every minute as a result of illness and disease that is spread through human waste. This is higher than HIV/AIDS, measles, and malaria combined!
  • 365,000 children died in 2013 because of preventable diarrhoeal diseases. These diseases are caused by lack of hygiene, sanitation, and safe water.
  • 1 in 3 women are victimized by acts of violence at some point in their life. Being forced to travel to public toilets away from the home creates a moment of vulnerability to many who do not have access to indoor plumbing.

By the time you’ve read through all of these facts, at least one child has died because they did not have access to a toilet and proper sanitation.
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Give the Gift of Space with the Rotator Rod this Holiday Season

November 7th, 2014

Finding thoughtful yet useful gifts for your loved ones can be tricky. Since ABC News reports that Americans spend over 14 days in the bathroom a year, a luxurious bathroom product is always a welcome gift! Think outside the box and give the gift of space this holiday season with Rotator Rod, the original curved shower rod that rotates. Just imagine the look on the recipients’ faces when they realize they can have 33% more room in the shower and more room in their bathroom without remodeling!

Rotator Curved Shower Rod

The Rotator Rod used exclusively at Barrington’s newly renovated 300 At the Circle in Lexington, KY.

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Cintas’ America’s Best Restroom Contest

October 30th, 2014

Cintas’ America’s Best Restroom® Contest is trying to figure out which business has the cleanest restroom in America. Now, there’s all sorts of industry awards out there. There’s the K+BB Design Awards, NKBA Design Competition, and the Bathroom Innovation Award but who cares about all of that. What we really want to know is who has the most memorable and inviting bathroom.

This is the 13th Annual America’s Best Restroom® Contest and the competition is stiff! Cintas has just narrowed the list down to 10 Finalists, one of which will be name King of the Throne this Fall and receive undisputed bragging rights for the next year.

Voting ends on October 31, 2014 so make sure you cast your vote! The King of the Throne will be announced in mid-November! You can follow us on Twitter to make sure you see the results!

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